What is Dianabol Used For — Dbol for Men in Bodybuilding

In this guide we will explain:

Many beginner steroid users start their way with Dianabol pills for sale. However, not all of them understand how to use Dbol and for what purposes. This article will try to explain what Dianabol is used for.

If you are looking for a comprehensive anabolic steroids guide for beginners, you can find it by the link: best beginner steroid cycle guide.

Anabolic Steroids Uses in Sports

what is dianabol used for

Athletic training requires hard work and fast muscle recovery. Bodybuilders look for the best results in muscle mass in the shortest terms. Our system can’t handle recovery with such speed without anabolic steroids. These drugs are aimed to skyrocket a user’s sports performance and body composition.

Three Pillars of Bodybuilding

what is dianabol used for

Bodybuilding stands on three fundamental pillars — workout routine (how strong you can stress the muscle group to stimulate muscle growth); nutrition (how many nutrients your system can absorb); and rest (how well you sleep and how many workout sessions you are able to handle).

Let’s get deeper into each one of them

  1. Workout routine. Anabolic steroid Dianabol increases your workout focus, allowing you to make more reps, especially forced reps, which are crucial for bodybuilding purposes. Also, D bol increases your strength, providing muscle with even more stress.
  2. Nutrition. Dianabol pills increase muscle mass by allowing muscle cells to absorb more protein. And as with many other anabolic steroids, Dbols increase your appetite. So you eat bigger to get bigger.
  3. Recovery. D bol pills provide you with enormous recovery, allowing you to train harder and more often. With Methandienone, you have almost no limits on the number of your weekly workout sessions.

All these benefits, provided by Dianabol tablets, allow users to add bigger muscle volume, than with most other oral anabolic steroids for sale.

First Anabolic Steroid Designed for Muscle Growth

Let’s look at the history of Methandienone. This drug was actually created to grow muscles. Unlike other anabolic steroids, which were mostly designed to treat pathologies. Also, many experts consider Dianabol the very first oral anabolic steroid.

How does it grow muscles exactly? To answer this question, we wrote a whole article on the topic of When to Take Dianabol — Before or After a Workout.

You might also like to read our First Steroid Cycle guide for beginners.

Dianabol — for Muscle Mass or for Cutting?

what is dianabol used for

Determined with the purpose of your cycle, you might consider dbol for sale from two perspectives — bulking or cutting. Which one does Dianabol suit better? — In my personal opinion, dbol fits only bulking goals. And here I’ll explain why.

Three Reasons why Dianabol is a Bulking Steroid

  1. First of all — water retention. Dianabol is a wet steroid, that strongly retents water in your body. You can’t fully fix it even with the cleanest diet ever existing. Consider cutting? — try stanozolol for sale.
  2. The second reason is — an enormous appetite. Dbol pills provoke hunger. Cutting is hard to even without something that makes you think of a meal every second.
  3. There are many much better alternatives. Why mock yourself? Dieting with Dianabol is like mopping the floor with an ear stick. Better try steroids for cutting: Anavar pills for sale, Geranabol, Tbol, HGH for sale, Stanozolol pills, Primobolan, and so on.

The full list of best steroids for cutting you can find in our best beginner steroid cycle for cutting guide.

What Can I Take Instead of Dianabol — Dbols Alternatives

There are many Dianabol for sale in usa anabolic steroid alternatives.

You can dramatically increase your muscle mass with one of the following recommender steroids: Oxymetholone for sale, Testosterone Cypionate injections, Deca steroid, Anavar, and Turinabol. The last two of the following suit better if your aim is to get lean muscle mass.

Dianabol is an anabolic steroid for huge muscle mass in the first place. It boosts your sports performance and body composition. But it doesn’t provide you with lean muscle mass. Together with huge muscle gains, you add some fat tissue and lots of water.

What to Take Together with Dianabol — Dbol Stacking

As Dianabol steroids for sale suppress your testosterone levels, you always have to include testosterone injections in your dbol cycle. Therefore, you will maintain high testosterone levels, which are crucial not only for bodybuilding but for your sense of well-being and overall health in the first place.

Which ester of testosterone is better to choose? — To stack with Dianabol, you can choose between Testosterone Cypionate for sale and Testosterone Enanthate for sale. Those two are extremely effective for big muscle gains.

To learn more on how to stack anabolic steroids properly, read our article — how to run your first steroid cycle.

Dbol FAQs

Does Dbol Cause High Blood Pressure?

Dbol tablets for sale cause high fluid retention. This leads to blood pressure raise. You can control it with a proper diet and aromatization control. Simply stack your Dianabol pills with Proviron or Equipoise. This way you can avoid high blood pressure during the Dbol cycle.

Does Dianabol Suppress Natural Testosterone Levels?

As an anabolic steroid, Dianabol imitates a natural testosterone behavior in your body. Thus, your system detects above-normal testosterone levels and stops its natural production. This is an anabolic steroid effect you can’t avoid. So simply run PCT after your Dianabol cycle. The best PCT drugs are listed here. Also, we’ve described the whole PCT process in our beginner steroid cycle guide.

Are There Any Severe Dianabol Side Effects Possible?

Anabolic steroid side effects are possible, but the most severe of them are less common. They usually appear due to the user’s total misunderstanding of how a steroid cycle should be done. And total neglection of simple rules, which are the common basis. Prostate cancer, gynecomastia, and other unpleasant side effects of Dianabol you can avoid if you read our
best beginner steroid cycle article.

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