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What is Turinabol

Turanabol is a very powerful steroid for oral use. This drug contains an improved form of Methandienone. In turn, this substance has been popular in sports for a very long time. A certain dosage of Turinabol steroids promotes strength and muscle growth. It is also used for medicinal purposes to enhance sexual characteristics in men.

Turinabol Guide

Chlordehydromethyltestosterone is an anabolic steroid that has been popular in the sports world for a very long time. This oral steroid has a long-lasting effect. This attracts a large number of athletes who want to gain big muscles. The long-term effect of this drug allows you to maintain your shape on an ongoing basis.

Dosage Guide

It is very easy to buy Turinabol online, but do not do it without consulting your doctor. Typically, the available dose is 10 mg per day. Exceeding it is a bad idea and can lead to side effects.

Tbol is a drug for oral use with a concentration of 20 mg per tablet. Take 1-2 tablets per day, depending on the purpose. Of course, athletes can skip these recommendations and take up to 5 tablets per day. You do this at your own risk and be prepared for Turinabol side effects.

The duration of the course is also determined by specialists. The plan will be individual for each person. If we take into account the general statistics, it is not recommended to take Turinabol for more than six weeks.


Despite all the side effects of Turinabol, of course, there are plenty of benefits.

Muscle mass: The components of Tbol make it very easy to increase muscle mass. The main thing is to follow the instructions and practice.

Endurance: Want a more intense workout? Tbol will help with this. More strength in training, more possibilities, that’s what this steroid guarantees.

Toned body: Tbol will remove excess fat and help maintain an athletic body.

Medical Purposes: Tbol increases testosterone levels in the body. If this is your goal, you have chosen the right drug. The main thing is to consult with doctors and get instructions.

Side Effects

If you use the drug correctly, you do not have to worry about side effects. Their manifestation is extremely rare and nevertheless, you need to know what you are working with:

  1. Decreased libido and hormonal problems. Follow your doctor’s recommendations. Get tested regularly to monitor your body’s condition;
  2. Aggression and other mental problems. Contact a psychologist and undergo a course of treatment;
  3. Sleep problems. Follow your doctor’s recommendations. Get tested regularly to monitor your body’s condition;

These problems usually do not occur. These are rare cases where such side effects can occur, but they do exist.


Turinabol is a powerful steroid that helps athletes achieve their goals. It must be remembered that any use of a steroid requires medical supervision. After completing the course of treatment, PCT is necessary. It is very important to give the body rest and recovery. At the same time, do not quit training, continue training in a smaller volume. Turinabol for sale is available to everyone, the main thing is to understand how to take it correctly.

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