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What is Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate injections are an injectable anabolic steroid, mostly used for muscle mass and testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Unlike other anabolic steroids, testosterone injections are required in every cycle, no matter what is the goal of your cycle.
Testosterone cypionate for sale is a long ester of testosterone hormone. It means that after injection, it will slowly release into your body, gradually increasing your testosterone levels. A peak of testosterone cypionate concentration in your blood flow is approximately 4 days after injection.
But what is more important, this anabolic steroid allows you to make injections only twice a week. It is good for beginners who aren’t used to making injections.

Testosterone Injections Comparison

Cypionate ester is one of the longest existing. It makes its usage more specific, than, for example, testosterone propionate. Professional bodybuilders prefer using Test C for bulking cycles, as cypionate causes more water retention than other esters of testosterone.

Cypionate vs Enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate for sale has a shorter half-life period. The effects of these two esters are very similar. However, cypionate is better for bulking purposes, however, enanthate will provide less water retention and more lean muscle mass.
Effects Comparison:

Effect Active substance Cypionate Enanthate
Side Effects

Cypionate vs Propionate

Testosterone propionate for sale is a more versatile ester. It is either good for every goal — bulking, cutting, TRT, and kicks in faster. But if cypionate requires only two injections per week, with Test P you have to make injections every day or at least every other day.
Effects Comparison:

Effect Active substance Cypionate Enanthate
Side Effects

Cypionate vs Sustanon 250

Both forms are extremely popular and good for bodybuilding. While Cypionate provides you with more shredded muscle mass, Sustanon 250 for sale is better for bigger muscle volumes and better strength indicators. Both are perfect for any bulking steroid cycle.

Effects Comparison:

Effect Active substance Cypionate Sustanon


Muscle Volume
Lean Muscle Mass
Side Effects

What are the Purposes of Testosterone Cypionate Usage

Testosterone cypionate is mostly used for such goals as bodybuilding — to grow muscle size and relief. And TRT — to increase the quality of life in men with testosterone deficiency. And testosterone cypionate handles both tasks equally well.

Test Cypionate for Muscle Mass

Professional bodybuilders use this supplement to maintain androgen levels high. In combination with other anabolic steroids and human growth hormone, testosterone cypionate injections provide unbelievable muscle growth results to a user.

Bulking with Test C

Cypionate is better used as a bulking anabolic steroid agent. Why? Because it provides benefits that suit bulking the most:

  1. Extreme strength. Allowing you to lift extreme weights to stress your muscles better.
  2. Huge endurance. You are able to make more reps even when you feel that you can handle no more. These forced reps are a crucial factor in bodybuilding.
  3. Muscle focus. You feel muscle so much better with this testosterone, that you are able to concentrate on it each rep. Also an amazingly important factor for muscle growth.
  4. Faster recovery. You need much less time to regenerate after a workout, allowing you to train harder and more often. It literally skyrockets your progress.
  5. Water retention. This is not only a side effect as we can use it to achieve our goals. More water in muscles means even more strength and less risk of injuries. The more plates you lift — the bigger muscle mass you grow.

How to Verify Your Testosterone Injections — Avoid Buying Fake Test C

To understand if your seller actually has any product and won’t scam you, follow these instructions:

  1. Look for the pictures of the goods on their photo background with the website logo. This means that a seller has already spent lots of money on the goods and listings. This makes absolutely no sense for him/her to scam you. But look carefully that those pictures are not photoshopped.
  2. Ask for a picture of a product and a piece of paper with your name on it. This way, you will be sure that a seller has the listed goods in stock.
  3. Ask for a video of a product or products. This way, you will be sure, that the listing isn’t photoshopped. But ask carefully. If your order is small, some sellers might choose to ignore you, rather than spend hours persuading you to buy 1 vial of testosterone or any other anabolic steroids for sale.

Testosterone Cypionate Brands Verification We will provide you with verification instructions on how to verify cypionate brands we sell or we had to deal with. But the principles are similar everywhere. Pharmacom Test C for Sale

To verify your Pharmacom’s Testosterone Cypionate, open the package and take out the vial.

  1. Then, find a silver line, where there is a protection code encryption near it.
  2. Scratch the silver lane to reveal the protection code.
  3. Once you are done, go to pharmacomlabs.ltd/code.html and enter your code there.
  4. If your product is faked, the system will return you ‘fake’ once you press the check button.

Spectrum Pharma Testosterone Cypionate for Sale To verify your Spectrum Pharma Testosterone Cypionate, follow these instructions:

  1. Find the encryption Authentification code on the right side of the package. (There also will be a serial number placed on the top).
  2. Scratch the silver line under the authentication code encryption.
  3. When the code appears, go to spectrum-pharma.com and type in your code in the Authentication Code placeholder.
  4. Down below there are captcha letters and the text “Please, type the characters below”.
  5. After you’re done with that, click on the Check button.
  6. If your product is faked, the system will return that your code is ‘FAKE‘ once you press the check button.

How to Store Cypionate at Home

Many beginner steroid users don’t know how to store their injectable steroids for sale. Some of them think that the best place is in the fridge, as with bactericidal wanted and HGH for sale. However, that is not the best practice. Every Cypionate steroid manufacturer we work with has an instruction on how to store their injectable steroids. These instructions are almost the same. So we will explain here the common basics Store your products at room temperature 20 – 25 ℃ (68 – 77 ℉). Keep in a dry place, out of the sun. Store cypionate steroid in a place, where children cannot reach the solution. Do not let your cypionate testosterone stay under the direct sun beams. Do not put your testosterone cypionate and any other injectable steroids into the fridge. It may cause crystallization of the solution.

Testosterone Cypionate Stacking — Test C & Other Anabolic Steroids

Cypionate is not only perfectly combined with other injectable steroids, but also enhances their effect, which leads to extreme results in bodybuilding and other strength sports. We will provide you with the list of the best anabolic steroids to stack with your testosterone cypionate injections.

Dianabol. A perfect choice for extreme bulking — dianabol for sale. 500 mg cypionate weekly, together with 50/day of Dbol will provide you with huge strength, endurance, and muscle mass. Both steroids cause high aromatization, thus we recommend you consider including Anastrozole for sale or Equipoise for sale in your steroid cycle.

Equipoise. A classic steroid cycle — Test Cypionate combined with Eq steroid. Boldenone (Equipoise) in this cycle prevents aromatization side effects of Test C, and also removes recessive water, making your body more stiff and ripped. Besides, Equipoise increases your strength indicators even more, skyrocketing your muscle growth progress.

Masteron. The second most popular steroid cycle for beginners. Masteron for sale is a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced steroid users. It also is an awesome anabolic steroid to boost your muscle growth. Together with that, Masteron is one of the safest injectable steroids.

Trenbolone. A king of all injectable steroids, Trenbolone for sale provides you with extreme power and strength. It is probably the strongest steroid, which is used by experienced bodybuilders and is prohibited for use by beginners (a specified approach is required). Anavar. Probably the safest anabolic steroid in existence, Anavar for sale is used even by female bodybuilders. It is beloved by many famous actors, movie stars, and fitness enthusiasts who just want to stay in perfect shape.

Human Growth Hormone. A great enhancement for any steroid cycle, HGH for sale would complement the benefits of your cypionate perfectly. HGH allows to take lower dosages of injectable steroids. Besides that, it burns fat amazingly and makes your body and face look and feel younger and better.

Deca Durabolin. A drug of huge bulking potential. With Deca Durabolin for sale and Test Cyp in combo, you can count on extreme results in muscle mass volume. Deca will also provide you with better bone density, huge strength, and better energy levels during your workout.

Turinabol. An oral steroid that complements almost every bodybuilding cycle. Turinabol for sale provides you with more lean muscle mass, better-shredded body shape, and additional muscle stiffness.

Proviron. A steroid wingman, Proviron for sale, as well as Equipoise or Arimidex, prevents testosterone aromatization side effects. Proviron not only enhances your cycle benefits but also reduces your increased estrogen levels, which can cause excessive water retention, gynecomastia, and other unpleasant effects. With proviron, they won’t appear.

Injectable Steroids Side Effects — How To Avoid

Before taking injectable steroids, you need to know about all testosterone cypionate side effects to know all the benefits and drawbacks of the drug. Increased libido. The most common side effect of injectable steroids, however, not everyone considers it as a side effect. With cypionate injections, your sexual desire skyrocketing, so you have to be careful with that.

Increased hair growth. Body hair grows rapidly while you are on testosterone injections. The high level of androgens leads to increased hair growth on your body and hair loss on your head.

Hair loss. This side effect you should be afraid of only if your genetics is predisposed to baldness. However, in that case, it would be hard to stop, either with or without injectable steroids. You have to control your DHT levels. This can be achieved by DHT blockers, you can read more about it by the link.

Acne. It is also a very common anabolic steroid side effect. To avoid it with this steroid, consider taking a shower at least twice more regularly than usual. Also, avoid sugar and sweet food in your diet. A balanced diet is often a key to healthy skin.

Testosterone suppression. Anabolic steroids will always suppress your natural testosterone release. It can’t be prevented, you can just solve the results and recover your natural testosterone production. How? — read in our PCT section.

Testosterone Cypionate Post Cycle Therapy

Pct or post-cycle therapy is a common practice after any anabolic steroids cycle. It is required after every steroid without exceptions, even if you were taking such mild steroids as Anavar for sale.

When to begin Test C PCT?

Cypionate half-life is 8 days, which means that after 8 days, its concentration in your blood will be halved. Therefore, it’s better to begin your PCT after testosterone cypionate approximately 16 days after your last testosterone injection.

What to do on PCT exactly?

PCT’s goal is to recover your natural testosterone release. You can achieve it by such drugs as Clomid for sale, or Nolvadex for sale.

A Test C post-cycle therapy scheme:

On the 16th day after your last Test C shot, take Clomid 100 mg/day for the next week, and 50 mg/day for one more week (2 weeks total). Together with Colmid, you might also add Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) for a better recovery. Take Nolvadex for 3 weeks total — 30 mg/EOD for weeks 1 and 2 and 20 mg/EOD for the last, third week.

That would be enough to recover your natural testosterone levels to the reference values. We also recommend you run a blood work for better control of the situation. Run tests once before a cycle, during a cycle, before and after a PCT. This way, you’ll keep your health.

Testosterone Cypionate Shipping — International Delivery vs USA Domestic

Deciding to buy cypionate steroids internationally or inside the USA, consider the following factors: 1) price; 2) estimated; delivery time; 3) quality.

We ship test cypionate both ways. USA Domestic Test C is more expensive (~$20 difference) but ships faster (within 1 – 3 days). Compared to international delivery, where it costs less, but ships for 15 – 20 days at the moment.

Buying from other sources, we advise you to choose first of all a proven brand and only after that on the ETA (estimated delivery time). Seeking the fastest delivery, you risk buying a homemade brew, which would be sore and cause pain in the injection area.

If you still do not know which store you can trust and buy testosterone cypionate online, pay attention to our store. Our catalog offers only quality products from famous manufacturers, which have passed all kinds of tests and have international quality certificates. Remember that anabolic injections are always risky, so trust a reliable store like ours.

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