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What Is HCG?

HCG – The essential drug for the steroid cycle

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced by certain cells in the human body. It is usually produced by the trophoblast cells around the embryo and some cancerous cells. If the hormone is tested positive, then it may indicate pregnancy or the presence of tumorous cells. Some different forms of this hormone produced by the pituitary or other endocrine glands may be present in the body and indicate different conditions.

Homeopathic and OTC HCG-based diet products have been banned for sale in the US and some other countries for over a decade now.

Why do you have to run HCG on a steroid cycle?

HCG acts similar to the LH- or the Luteinizing Hormone and stimulates testosterone production in the body. When a person takes steroids for bodybuilding or muscle building, the LH levels are affected and may drop drastically. Without the LH giving the right signal, testosterone production may also decline due to the complex chemical actions in the body.

Small doses of HCG can change the biomarkers and trigger actions through the steroid cycle. It must be taken or run according to the terms used by experts during the steroid cycle for most optimum utilization.

Gonadotropin for sale — how to choose best? — Pregnyl

There are different brands of Gonadotropin available in the market. It is used in younger boys for sexual development and, surprisingly, also in women to treat fertility issues due to its property of stimulating testosterone production. It can be bought only with an authorized prescription and from online stores. Its use must follow the correct dose and frequency so that it does not interfere with the natural hormone production in the body.

Pregnyl administration: how to inject HCG

It is sold as a liquid or as a ready-to-mix powder and must be stored in the fridge like insulin. The powder must be mixed with sterile water. Your doctor will give you the right dose and teach you the method too. You must inject it yourself only if you are completely confident and comfortable.

Subcutaneous sites in the lower abdomen area are common and easy to inject. The outer or front thigh fat deposits and is a good site for injection. Another area, if someone else is injecting you, is the upper arm part which has more fat.

Intramuscular sites are the muscles around the shoulder and upper buttocks near your hip.

Sanitize your hands and clean the injection site with a sterile alcohol wipe. Ensure the syringe has adequate medicine and there are no air bubbles trapped in it. Hold the skin gently and insert the needle at a 90-degree angle in the site and press the plunger. Wait for ten seconds before removing the needle. Dispose of the needle and syringe safely.

For intramuscular sites, spread the skin instead of pinching it and follow the same steps as above. In some cases, the site may bleed, and you can use a swab or gauze to stop it.

Keep moving the sites to avoid bruising. Keep the injection out for some time and take it at room temperature.

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