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What is Equipoise (Boldenone)?

Test C is a long ester of testosterone steroid hormone. It is widely used in bodybuilding, for TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), and for medical purposes to treat people (for example —hypogonadism). As long acting testosterone, it takes more time for Cypionate to hit, than for Propionate. Which make steroid better for long-term results in bodybuilding.

Test Cypionate Benefits

Testosterone Cypionate Bodybuilding benefits are huge:

  • Awesome Bulking
  • Quality Muscle Growth
  • Great Strength Increase
  • Perfect Endurance
  • Fastest Recovery
  • Great Focus During Workout

How much testosterone cypionate to take per week?

We recommend you stay on moderate dosages of testosterone — 250 — 500 mg/week. To enhance your muscle growth it is much better to stack Test with other steroids to complement the cycle than to increase the dosages of testosterone over 1 gram weekly. The minimal effective dosage for bodybuilding is 250mg test per week. This is the dosage that allows 70% of users to keep the good muscle growth progress but avoid 90% of unpleasant side effects.

How to buy testosterone cypionate online

If you cant decide where to order testosterone, there is a simple answer: this is the best place to buy testosterone injections online. To make an order you need to simply put the desired item into your cart, then go to the checkout page and choose the comfortable payment method for you. Or you can always contact us and we will help you to make an order. Also, we are always glad to give you a free consultation, so don’t hesitate, better write us now!

Test Cypionate FAQ

Here are the most common questions you ask us about Test C.

Cypionate vs Enanthate

The little difference between these two esters is the time of acting. Cypionate is a more long-acting ester and acts in your system for 8 days, while enanthate acts only for 6. In terms of bodybuilding, the difference is not worthy to be seriously taken into account.

Cypionate Half Life

The half-life of Testosterone Cypionate is 15 — 16 days.

How Much Arimidex for 200mg Test

In the case of a weekly dosage of 200mg of testosterone, there may be no need for Arimidex at all. If you want to control your aromatization, we recommend you to run the blood work for estradiol levels once per 2 weeks. Arimidex can be included in the cycle with bigger dosages of testosterone: >=500 mg/week. 

In case of any necessity of aromatase inhibitors, we recommend Arimidex 0,5 mg/twice a week for 200 — 250 mg/week of test c. And Arimidex 0,5 mg/EOD for testosterone 500+ mg/week.

Remember that you shouldn’t drop your estradiol to zero as it will only cause negative side effects. E2 level on cycle should always maintain the upper referents. 

Will Testosterone Cypionate Build Muscle

In case you inject the minimal effective dosage of 250mg/week or more — definitely yes, Test Cypionate will build muscles. 

When to Start Pct After Test Cyp

You should wait until Test C has completely left your body: 16 days after the last Test C injection. Then you start PCT.

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