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Everything You Need to Know About Dianabol

Metandienone molecule

Why do People Buy Dianabol Pills?

  1. Cheapest steroid. First of all, it is one of the most popular anabolic steroids for sale nowadays. Why? Because Dianabol price varies between $25 — $50 on average for 100 Dianabol pills. It means, that a pill costs only 25 to 50 cents, which is very cheap for anabolic steroids.
  2. Significant effects. Secondly, Dianabol pills for sale are extremely effective! You can gain up to 40 lbs per one Dianabol cycle. Dbol users are aiming for huge muscle growth and a vast increase in strength in the shortest time. And they get all of that with Dbols.
  3. Rapid results. With Dianabol tablets, you start noticing effects very fast. As the dbols kicks in very fast, you’ll experience huge strength and increased endurance in the very first days of your cycle.

What is Dianabol

D bol is an anabolic androgenic steroid, specially designed for strength sports, such as bodybuilding. Dianabol or Methandienone was first produced by Dr. John Ziegler in the middle of the past century.

The main aim of Dbols was to grow muscles better than testosterone does, at the same time causing fewer side effects. A molecule of Dianabol is similar to testosterone but designed to be more anabolic active, which provides better muscle growth.

What Does Dbol Do?

Dbol pills come in oral form, and enter the blood flow through our liver. A steroid increases protein synthesis, leading to rapid muscle development. D bol also increases a user’s appetite, at the same time enhancing the ability of muscle cells to absorb nutrients.

All these effects together provide enormous muscle gains and strength building. Dbol users often report that the number of plates on the bar elevates literally with each new workout session.

Dianabol Benefits

Deciding whether to use Dianabol or not, you should determine your goals. Dianabol for sale is available to everyone but is prohibited in competitions, like other steroids. Dianabol is more of a bulking steroid, as it doesn’t bring you many benefits in cutting. Thus, professional bodybuilders use Dianabol to build great muscle volume on bulking cycles. However, everything depends on your diet.

Consider your decision based on Dianabol effects:

  • Huge muscle mass gain. One of the best options to build muscle mass.
  • Extreme strength. Provides significant progress in weights lifted.
  • Easy to use. Doesn’t require an extra needle as taken orally.
  • Cheap price. Dianabol for sale costs less than most other oral anabolic steroids: $0,25 — $0,50 / pill.
  • Fast results. D bol brings results very fast — within the first week of a cycle. And fully transforms your body composition within 6 weeks.
  • Great endurance. Dianabol pills allow you to make more reps, more sets and make workout sessions more often, which leads to faster muscle growth
  • Huge libido. Not every dbol user counts it as a benefit, but due to high aromatization, dbol provides increased sex desire during a cycle.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Cycle — Dianabol in Bodybuilding

arnold schwarzenegger dbol

Dbol is often used by professional bodybuilders. Methandienone is called “a breakfast of champions” since the Golden Era of Bodybuilding. Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted many times that he had used Dianabol pills. According to his autobiography, Arnold Schwarzenegger used D bol and grew very well on it.

Competitive bodybuilders use many anabolic steroids together, but there is always testosterone in every steroid cycle. So the best combination for D bol in bodybuilding is Testosterone Injections: Testosterone Enanthate for saleTestosterone Cypionate for sale.

Dianabol Pills for Sale Online Guide 

dbol pills for sale online USA

How to Buy Dianabol online safely? There are many fakes, homemade brews, and legal steroids with similar names to Dianabol. They pretend to sell real Dbols but in fact, you’ll receive a faked product, a product that doesn’t work, or an original product with ingredients that don’t grow muscles.

  1. First of all, you have to buy from a trusted source. You can ask your seller to send you a picture with your name and a product together, so you’ll be convinced that he has it in stock.
  2. Look at active substances. It should be methandienone/metandienone or methandrostenolone on the product package. Other active substances are not Dbol!If a product is named Dianabol but consists of some extracts or something similar — it isn’t a real D bol then!
  3. Buy name brands only. Search for brands, which have a long history and are popular among bodybuilding forums and reviews.Examples: Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Magnus Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacom, SP Laboratories, Spectrum Pharma, ZPHC, Canada Peptides, and other famous brands.
  4. Choose only d bol tablets for sale, which you can verify. Manufacturers have verifications on their original websites, where you can verify your anabolic steroids for fake.Usually, every famous manufacturer has a verification on their website, as they are interested in preventing you from buying fake (they make money when you buy original products from their official retailers).

Where to Buy Dianabol? 

pharmacom dianabol for sale

Looking for dbol steroid pills for sale? You are at the right place. At you can buy Dianabol online with a comfortable for you payment method. At the moment, we have a range of two brands of Dianabol pills for sale — Zphc Methandienone and Spectrum Pharma Dianabol.

How to Choose Best Dianabol Pills for Sale at

In this section, we will provide you with instructions on how to choose the best verifiable D bol for sale brands.

Zphc (Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical) — The Best Brand After all

zphc dianabol for sale

ZPHC Methandienone has the best price/value ratio among other d bol pills brands. Each pack has 4 blisters of 25 pink pills each — 100 tablets total. ZPHC Methandienone is one of the most popular Dianabol for sale in USA in 2022. And its popularity continues to grow.

Price: $0,25/pill for EU international delivery and $0,50/pill for USA Domestic at


  • Strong verification
  • The highest degree of product purity
  • Fewest side effects due to the highest quality


  • May cause heartburn if taken on an empty stomach

How to verify:

Zhengzhou Pharmaceuticals have a very strong validation system. there provided detailed instructions on how to verify their product. You can find it at their official website at this address:

A dbol pills package contains 2 seals, protected by tamper-evident technology, a holographic peel-off line, and a scratchable silver line with a verification code (each code is unique).

Spectrum Pharma — A Great Alternative D bol Brand

spectrum dianabol for sale

Spectrum Pharma is a great brand of Dianabol steroids for sale. In fact, this is the same manufacturer, thus the quality of their products is also top-level. Spectrum pharma produces Dianabol pills for sale in bottles, instead of blisters.

Spectrum Pharma Dianabol Tablet Price at The price is $0,29/pill for EU international shipping and $0,55/pill for USA domestic Dianabol steroid for sale from Spectrum Pharma.


  • Grows more lean muscle mass
  • Causes less water retention
  • Fewest side effects due to the highest quality


  • Same heartburn if taken on an empty stomach

How to verify:

You can verify your Dianabol at the official Spectrum Pharma website: Enter the authentification code of a product there and in case this product is fake, the system will show you ‘FAKE’.

Dianabol Price 

The price of Dianabol pills at a-steroidshop starts from $0,25/pill for EU International Dboland $0,49/pill for USA Domestic Dbols.

Dbol Cycle

Starting a Dbol cycle, you aim for bulking. So your cycle begins from consistency in nutrition/ Eat big to get big. The workout routine is also a key factor in your muscle gain.

You can also include dietary supplements (gastrointestinal herb collection, milk thistle) to increase protein synthesis and nutrient absorption during your Dianabol cycle.

Divide your daily dosage of Dianabol pills for sale into 4 equal portions with equal intervals between them. This way you are going to prevent the hormonal surges and you will maintain the peak of d bol effects for the whole 24 hours. Therefore, you will experience the most benefits of Dianabol steroid tablets.

How Many Dianabol Tablets Should I Take a Day?

The dosage depends on your gym experience, here we will provide you with the breakdown of approximate dbols dosages, depending on your experience.

  • Beginners (>2 years of gym exp.) — 4 – 6 Dianabolbol tablets/day. Combined with other steroids (not more than three drugs together — testosterone + d bol).
  • Middle range (3 — 4 years of experience) — 6 – 8 Dianabol tablets/day (10 mg/tablet). Combined with injectable steroids.
  • Advanced (5+ years of gym experience) — 10 d bol pills/day (100 mg/dbol a day).

Dianabol Stacking

Dianabol rarely goes solo, and all professional bodybuilders combine it with other steroids. You have to stack your Dbol pills with injectable steroids as another oral will cause too much stress for your liver.

For best muscle gain and overall health, you always have to combine dbol with testosterone injections. Testosterone is a base for every steroid cycle.

Deca Durabolin Canada Peptides

Testosterone Cypionate injections and Testosterone Enanthate are the best for your Dbol stacking. As they require the least frequency of injections. Sustanon 250 would also be a great choice but isn’t suitable for beginners.

Testosterone Cypionate Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Dianabol also combines perfectly with such injectable steroids as MasteronEquipoiseDeca DurabolinTrenbolone Acetate, and Trenbolone Enanthate.

Testosterone Enanthate Pharmacom

Dianabol and Testosterone Cycle

In this section, we will show you how to make a Dianabol cycle with testosterone, and how to administrate it. Dianabol and test cycle consists of three parts: a cycle itself, HCG, and PCT. Here is how it should look:

  • Week 1 — 10: Dianabol 10 mg pills — 50 mg/day. Take 1 pill 5 times a day for better effects.
  • Week 1 — 12: Testosterone Cypionate 250 mg/ml — 500 mg/week. Inject 250 mg of Test C twice a week (250 mg (1 CC) on Monday, 250mg (1 CC) on Thursday (500 mg total)).
  • Week 10 — 12 (Best Practice): Magnyl HCG 1000 IU/EOD. HCG stimulates your testicles and prepares them for PCT. This way, you keep your men’s health on the top level.
  • Week 14 — 16: (PCT): Clomid PCT 100 mg/day. PCT is required for your recovery. This way, you start over your natural testosterone production (anabolic steroids suppress your natural testosterone levels).

Dianabol Side Effects & How to Avoid Dbol Side Effects

D bol is an anabolic steroid, which means that it is strong medicine, which might have side effects. In this section, we will explain which side effects of D bol steroid are more or less common and how you can prevent their appearance.

Which side effects are most common with Dianabol, which are possible, and how to avoid them?

High blood pressure

Hypertension is a possible result of D bols aromatization. This is a process when testosterone or testosterone derivative converts into estradiol (E2) hormone. High E2 levels lead to water retention which leads to high blood pressure.

Also, high blood pressure may be caused by excessive consumption of carbohydrates and sugars. Carbs also retent water in our bodies, which increases blood pressure.

How to avoid High blood pressure On the D bol cycle?
  1. First of all, you need a healthy diet. It has to consist of complex carbohydrates such as rice, oats, and other cereals. Don’t forget about proteins: fish, chicken, beef, and egg whites.
  2. Aromatase inhibitors: Arimidex. In case your E2 levels are too high, you can include an Arimidex aromatase inhibitor, which is called Anastrozole. AI (aromatase inhibitors) are drugs that reduce aromatase activity, thus, stopping the conversion of Dbol into Estradiol.
  3. Combine D bol pills with ‘dry’ steroids. For example, Equipoise or Masteron. These are steroids with antiestrogen activity, therefore they reduce estradiol levels.Choose dosages wisely, as Boldenone (Equipoise) is reducing E2 much more than Drostanolone (Masteron) does. Combined with Dianabol, they will reduce water retention in your body and prevent hypertension.In case you don’t know what dosages you need, you can contact us any time for a free consultation. Or you can read our beginner steroid cycle guide.

Hair Loss

Hair loss or male pattern balding is a common anabolic steroid side effect. It happens because D bol molecules in your blood flow convert into DHT — dihydrotestosterone. DHT is a very androgenic active hormone. It binds to hair follicles and makes hair fall out of your head.

Genetics predispose this side effect. It depends on the quantity of DHT receptors in your hair. The more receptors you have — the more chance to get bald.

How Can I prevent losing my Hair?

You can try DHT blockers like finasteride to control your DHT levels. Or switch your choice from Dbols to a DHT Derivative, like Anavar pills, Masteron, Primobolan, or Proviron.

Unlike Dianabol, which is a testosterone derivative, these steroids are made of DHT, which prevents conversion and therefore, prevents androgenic activity. Such mild steroids as Oxandrolone, Proviron, and Primobolan don’t cause hair loss.

Testosterone suppression

Every anabolic steroid suppresses your natural testosterone release. You have nothing to do with that. All options you have left — are to recover your natural testosterone production after your steroid cycle.

This is where Post Cycle Therapy comes in handy. Run PCT with antiestrogens, like Nolvadex or Clomid. This is important. You can read the details in our PCT section.

Water retention & Nipple Itching

Same as in the case of blood pressure, water retention and nipple hardening are a result of aromatization. In fact, hypertension is caused by water retention. What is that side effect about and how to prevent it, you can read in the blood pressure section.


Acne on cycle is caused by the fact that your skin secretes much more sebum than usual. Together with dead skin cells, sebum blocks the pores of your skin, leading to inflammation. As a result, you experience acne.

How to get rid of or prevent Ance on anabolic steroid cycle?

  1. Control your hygiene. A same more regular shower might solve your issue.
  2. You can try switching D bol pills to a milder steroid made of DHT: Anavar, Masteron, Proviron, or Primobolan.
  3. Same DHT Blockers might help.
  4. For severe cases of acne, we recommend you visit a dermatologist, which will prescribe you a retinoid cycle.

PCT After Dianabol Pills — Recovering Your Testosterone Levels

Clomid Magnus Pharmaceuticals

D bol steroid cycle requires you to run post-cycle therapy after it. As Dianabol pills suppress your natural testosterone levels, you have to recover it to normal for your body values. How it can be done?

First of all, you need human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG stimulates your testicles and prepares them to produce testosterone. You take HCG for 2 last weeks of the Dianabol cycle or during the whole cycle.

Magnyl 5000 Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Secondly goes PCT itself. It consists of antiestrogens which makes your system think you are experiencing a lack of E2. Estradiol in a male’s body is mostly produced from testosterone. This is how you make your system start its natural production.

Your PCT should look like that:

  • Clomid pills 100 mg/day for the first week of PCT. And 50mg/day for the second week.or
  • Nolvadex pct 30 mg/day for the first week of PCT. And 20 mg/day for two more weeks.

Sometimes, PCT requires both drugs, but for Dbols PCT, one is enough.

Dianabol Results — Dbol Before & After

How much muscle volume Dianabol pills may produce? What results you can expect? Well, in professional bodybuilding, Dbol pills for sale rarely come as a single compound of a steroid cycle.

But beginners are often running D bol solo cycles and experiencing unbelievable transformations. Taken as an only compound, Dianabol tablets can give up to 40 lbs of muscle gains. Muscle mass comes together with water, which will go when your cycle is done. However, the lean muscle mass stays with you.

Here is how you can look before and after a single D bol cycle:

Dianabol FAQs — What Else You Might Need to Know

How Does Dianabol Grow Muscles?

Dianabol improves nitrogen retention and speeds up your recovery time. Also, it allows your muscle cells to absorb more protein. It leads to hypertrophy — muscle growth.

Is Dianabol Good for Young Men?

We don’t recommend using d bol steroid pills for sale or any other steroids by men, younger than 24 years old.

Do You Ship D Bol Pills in My Country?

We ship to most countries of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The details you can see on our shipping zones page by the link.

What Dianabol Dosage Good For Me?

We have explained it in our Dianabol cycle section. But you can also read our beginner steroid cycle guide for more information.

What Are The Best Alternatives For Dbols?

The best alternative for d bol pills is Anadrol for sale (Oxymetholone). This drug has similar effects but is a stronger option, which provides even more muscle growth.

Other alternatives for Dianabol pills for sale in USA are Anavar, Proviron, Turinabol, and Stanozolol. Those are also good oral anabolic steroids, each better for a different goal.

Is Dianabol Suitable for Women?

No, not at all. Dianabol steroid for sale is a strong androgen and will cause virilization in women. For female athletes, the best options are Anavar (Oxandrolone), Primobolan (Methenolone), Clenbuterol fat burner, and Geranabol. Also, possible options for women are Masteron for sale and Boldenone (Equipoise).

Wrap Up — Whether Taking Dianabol Pills or Not?

Dianabol is a great anabolic steroid, providing you with huge power. It is used by professional athletes around the world. If you have always dreamt of big muscles, D bol pills are a perfect option for you.

This drug has proven its effectiveness a long time ago. And it is know for years as one of the best bulking anabolic steroids. If your aim is muscle gain, then Dianabol is your choice!


Bodybuilders choose Dianabol steroids due to their effects and some benefits. Besides the fact that it increases muscle growth, the Dianabol price is reasonable. It is important to remember, as with other steroids, that during use, training is necessary to achieve results.

If you want to buy original Dianabol steroids with a guarantee of safety, then you have come to the right place. Our website contains only high-quality steroids. Thanks to this, we stand out among all our competitors. Also, a large selection of products attracts a large amount of customers, both professional bodybuilders and novice athletes.

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