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What Is Anavar?

Anavar or Oxandrolone — anabolic androgenic steroid, designed to treat people, in the first place: women and children. Therefore, the steroid was designed to have the mildest androgenic side effects possible while the anabolic effects of the drug are strong. You can buy Anavar 10mg for any bodybuilding purpose and it will be an excellent choice.

Where to Buy Anavar Online?

This is the best place to find Oxandrolone for sale. We work only directly with manufacturers: no 3rd-party re-selling. Thus, we always know, what product we sell and we can be sure that you will receive only the best Anavar for sale. We choose only the highest quality brands which proved with all certifications. We know, that buying Anavar steroids once with us, you won’t choose another shop anymore. Because we will give you the best service which money just can’t buy.

What Anavar Dose Should I take?

The minimal effective dosage of Anavar for men is 20 mg/day. We recommend considering your dosage by your gym experience. Anavar dosage chart:

  • Beginners (>2 years of experience): Anavar 60mg/day
  • Experienced (2 — 3 years of experience): Anavar 80mg/day
  • Advanced (3> years of experience): Anavar 100mg/day

Anavar for Weight Loss

Anavar is extremely effective for weight loss. It increases your Triiodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4) hormones. It increases the energy exchange of your body and speeds up the metabolism, which means you spend more calories and burn more fat.

Anavar Bodybuilding Benefits

Anavar has a huge list of bodybuilding benefits:

  • Excellent for cutting — burns fat very well
  • Great for quality bulking — gives fat-free lean muscle mass
  • Mild side effects — no gynecomastia, no hair loss, no liver damage
  • Strength Building — significantly increases the weights lifted
  • Women-friendly
  • Beginner-friendly

Anavar Only Cycle

If you want to grow some muscles, burn some fat, and significantly enhance your body image, the recommended protocol of the Oxandrolone cycle is:

  • Take Anavar 60 mg/day for 10 weeks. Split the Oxandrolone daily dosage for equal takes of 10mg: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and 30 minutes before sleep. (Each after the meal).

Anavar PCT

We recommend the next PCT:

  • Weeks 1 — 2: Clomid 50 mg every other day.
  • Weeks 2 — 3: Nolvadex 10 mg every other day.

Anavar Side Effects

Anavar is known as a steroid with the mildest side effects. However, we must warn you of the most common you can notice on cycle:

  • Natural testosterone suppression
  • Hypersexuality
  • Increase of appetite

Bodybuilding Tips

It’s easy to buy Anavar, but it doesn’t make sense without training. Bodybuilding goes beyond simply building physical strength and a ripped physique; it involves persistence, discipline, and consistent learning. Consider these practical tips for new bodybuilders:

  1. Balanced Nutrition: A well-rounded diet ensures you get all the necessary elements. Prioritize protein intake for muscle recovery and growth.
  2. Consistent Training: Muscle growth relies on regular strength training. Incorporate cardio for improved heart function alongside strength workouts.
  3. Adequate Rest: Training is vital, but results hinge on proper rest. Quality sleep aids muscle recovery, a critical factor for achieving optimal outcomes. Include rest days in your training program to prevent muscle overexertion.
  4. Hydration: Maintain balance by drinking sufficient water throughout the day, particularly before and during exercise.
  5. Steroid Use: When choosing Anavar steroids, prioritize safety and awareness of potential side effects. Consult with a specialist before starting any steroid regimen to ensure an informed and responsible choice.


Understanding your unique objectives is crucial. While some steroids facilitate swift muscle growth, Oxandrolone distinguishes itself by potentially yielding less noticeable muscle mass changes, yet its impacts endure. The choice is in your hands – opt for gradual and sustained toning or chase rapid results with a shorter-lived impact. If you are looking for an anabolic steroid that will help you gain muscle mass without gaining weight, we are the right place for you. You can find the best oral steroids for sale here. Our website has a large selection of products that will catch your attention. One of the advantages of our store is quality, since we work directly with manufacturers, without third parties.

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