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We prepared a warehouse in the United States! We have two different options for shipping at the moment: EMS (international) and USA Domestic. With USA Domestic shipping, you will receive your order within 2 — 4 business days! Please, feel free to order US domestic steroids online! (The list of domestic steroids is limited at the moment, please, see if there is USA Domestic in the product title)

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Where to inject Testosterone Cypionate

Where to inject Testosterone Cypionate Testosterone cypionate requires figuring out how to buy testosterone in the first place. Then, it is typically injected into the muscle tissue of the buttocks or thigh. The choice of injection site depends on the individual’s preference and comfort level, as well as the advice of a healthcare provider. When injecting testosterone cypionate in the buttocks, the injection site should be in the upper-outer quadrant of the buttock, away from the sciatic nerve. This is

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When is the best time to inject Testosterone Cypionate

When is the best time to inject Testosterone Cypionate Testosterone cypionate is a popular form of testosterone used for testosterone replacement therapy and anabolic steroid cycles. When looking for the best place to buy testosterone injections online for either purpose, the timing of the injection is an important factor to consider to ensure maximum benefits and effectiveness. The best time to inject testosterone cypionate can vary depending on the individual’s goals, schedule, and lifestyle. However, there are some general guidelines

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When does Testosterone Cypionate peak

When does Testosterone Cypionate peak Testosterone cypionate is a long-acting form of testosterone that is commonly used for hormone replacement therapy and bodybuilding purposes. After you find where to get testosterone, it is administered via intramuscular injection, and its effects can vary depending on a variety of factors, including dosage, frequency of injections, and individual physiology. After injection, testosterone cypionate undergoes a process of esterification in which it is converted to testosterone esters, which are slowly released into the bloodstream.

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You are at the best place to buy anabolic steroids online! We’ve tried our best to collect everything from anabolic steroids for sale to post-cycle therapy drugs, HCG, and fat burners in one place. So you don’t have to look for special supplements, pharmacy expensive PCT, paying for shipping many times just to complete one steroid cycle.

We are an online store and specialize in anabolic steroids for sale. We have a wide range of both oral steroids and injectable steroids for sale. Besides that, we cooperate with many pharmacy networks, to get you the best PCT for sale, supplements, human growth hormones, and other pharmacy-grade drugs.

Are you looking for the best brands of anabolic steroids? We work only with trusted and world-famous steroids suppliers. Each product can be verified at the official manufacturer’s website. We also provide you with instructions on how you can verify your products for fake. a-steroidshop is the best online anabolic steroids shop.

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Buy the Best Anabolic Steroids Online With the USA and Worldwide Delivery! — a-steroidshop.ws Online Store

We have a great variety of products: injectable anabolic steroids for sale, oral steroids for sale, HGH for sale, generic and pharma-grade genuine PCT, Best fat burners for sale, and many bodybuilding supplements!

Our clients are not only bodybuilders and athletes but also people on TRT, patients with HGH deficiency, and men of all ages who just want to improve the quality of their lives.

We provide products that are giving rapid results and fewer side effects because of their exceptional purity. Also, all our manufacturers are certified. At the moment we cooperate with such giants as Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacom, Magnus Pharmaceuticals, Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, Spectrum Pharma, Canada Peptides, SP Laboratories, and ZPHC.

Every product we sell is genuine and easy to verify. Also, any of our sold products will pass any lab test.

If you are planning to see the best body image in your mirror, or just want the best product for your testosterone replacement therapy — you are welcome to our anabolic steroids online store! We offer only the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

If you are only thinking of taking steroids, we would like to provide you with a guide that would allow you to do it safer and much more effectively! So, you’ve decided to try a steroid cycle, what’s next?

Step 1. Clarify your goal. Either you want more — to gain muscle mass and get bigger or to shred your body and burn fat? A hint: if you have some extra fat % in your body, we recommend you a cutting cycle before you bulk. Why? Because while you are having extra fat, you will gain more fat mass during your bulking. Fat cells increase aromatase enzyme levels, which leads to stronger testosterone aromatization. As a result — you gain even more fat, together with possible hypertension, nipples hardening, bloating, and other unpleasant effects. Also, extra weight on the steroid cycle is not good for your heart health.

Step 2. Workout Routine. Remember that anabolic steroids don’t build muscles for you, they can just help you to do it much more effectively than you could with natural bodybuilding. But you have to understand that the key is your workout routine. If naturally, you could afford to train at 50% of your capabilities, then on steroids you will have to give all your best, and repeat it every time, each workout. No pain — no gain. In terms of the steroid cycle, it is a true statement.

Step 3. Healthy Diet Plan. The next crucial part is your diet. It is at least 70% of your result. Yes, steroids will increase your appetite, and enhance nutrient absorption and protein synthesis. But still, you’ll have to eat. Eat big to get big — eat clean to stay shredded. That’s what you have to learn. Consistency is the key. You won’t grow just because of steroids, they are just an instrument, not more. You have to keep your routine, maintain it every day and in this case, you’ll have extreme results on the steroid cycle.

More details in our beginner steroid cycle guide!


Every steroid cycle should contain a Testosterone compound + anabolic. Why Test? — every steroid suppresses your natural T release, thus, without testosterone injections, your testosterone levels will reach zero very soon.

High levels of testosterone will increase your strength, bones, joint density, and focus during workouts and during the rest time of the day. Testosterone improves your mood and sex desire, while on low testosterone levels, you don’t even have the motivation to go to the gym.

The anabolic compound is aimed to grow large muscle volume or prevent muscle breakdown while cutting. These effects are greatly enhanced by Testosterone injections. Testosterone + any anabolic steroid together give a synergistic effect and your progress reaches unbelievable results.

For bulking. If you are aiming to add some significant muscle mass, you can go with Testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate, as these are long esters and require less frequent injections. Good anabolic compounds for beginners to amplify muscle growth are DianabolAnadrol, and Anavar. Those are the best steroids for beginners to bulk as they are easy to use, don’t require any needles, and are also extremely effective. Dbol is a very powerful oral anabolic steroid, therefore is most popular to begin with.

For cutting. To get shredded, choose short esters of testosterone: Test Propionate or Phenylpropionate. It requires more frequent injections but aromatizes less, which prevents excessive water retention. This is no trifling factor to get the shredded body. The best anabolic compounds for dieting are StanozololAnavarand Turinabol. Also, to burn fat, a great non-steroidal compound would be Clenbuterol.

It is highly recommended to include HCG in the last two weeks of any of your steroid cycles to stimulate your testicles and prepare them for faster recovery on PCT!

Advanced. Any bodybuilding cycle, either a bulking or cutting one, can be greatly improved with such compounds as HGH and Primobolan. Include any of these drugs to achieve your goal faster.

How Do Anabolic Steroids work?

Protein synthesis. Because steroids are variations of testosterone, some of them are designed to build more muscle mass, and some of them cause fewer side effects. Anabolic androgenic steroids are hormones that are crucial for anabolic processes in our body. Steroids help us to grow muscle tissue, together with bones, joints, and other tissues in our body by stimulating protein synthesis. When high-protein food enters our body, our system divides proteins into amino acids — small building bricks which come together through a process called protein synthesis.

Strength building. Also, steroids increase your strength, releasing more energy potential of a muscle cell. If a normal cell works on 30% of its power, exogenous testosterone and its derivatives make this cell work at the maximum power. This leads to pore plates you can lift and stimulates muscles to grow rapidly.

Fat loss. Muscle growth is also amplified with fat loss. Testosterone utilizes free fatty acids from the blood flow, which provides a fat loss effect. It is also much easier to gain lean muscle mass on the steroid cycle than with natural bodybuilding. You can change your body composition, losing body fat, while building muscle mass.

Endurance. Anabolic steroids also improve nitrogen retention, and red blood cell production, making you much more resilient in your workout session. You are able to focus better and make more reps than usual, which is a very important factor for muscle growth.

Less Recovery Time. You recover faster, which allows you to significantly increase your total weekly exercise volume — you can train harder and more often.

Human growth hormone. HGH is a non-steroidal drug that is also extremely popular in bodybuilding. It enhances every steroid cycle, providing an amazing synergistic effect. HGH probably is one of the best drugs for weight loss. While his anti-catabolic impact prevents your muscle breakdown. It is a great compound for stronger joints and better bones, which prevents you from traumas. You are getting a ripped body, combining gains of lean muscles, while you keep burning fat. Losing weight is much easier with human growth hormone, and even people, who are far from sports, use HGH injections for these purposes.

Anabolic Steroids Side Effects and How to Avoid Them 

Anabolic androgenic steroids are strong hormonal drugs and therefore, may cause side effects. The relevancy is the more benefits the drug brings, the more severe side effects it may cause in people, who use these drugs without decent preparation and knowledge. We will explain the most common anabolic steroids’ side effects and how to avoid them.

Hair Loss. Male pattern balding is a very common side effect of steroids with high androgenic activity. These are mostly derivatives of testosterone like Dianabol and different esters of testosterone: cypionate, enanthate, etc. While in your body, high levels of testosterone or testosterone-like hormones, make your system convert part of them into a more androgenic active hormone — dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. It binds with androgen receptors in your hair follicle, making it fall out. The more receptors you have, the more chance to lose hair on steroids you have.

Despite that this is a genetics predisposed problem, you can check your DHT levels while on the steroid cycle. To control DHT, there are a special group of drugs, called DHT blockers. The drugs, such as Finasteride may solve the problem.

Liver Damage. Injectable steroids for sale usually are not causing any liver stress, as they don’t metabolize in your liver. Thus, the most hepatotoxic drugs are oral steroids for sale. As they are mostly 17α-Alkylated drugs, they are made to prolong their action in your liver which leads to liver stress.

To prevent that, you can choose injectable steroids or use oral steroids like Dianabol or Stanozolol for short time during your cycle — mo longer than 10 weeks in a row. Also, you have to administer your doses correctly, as higher dosages will also hurt your liver. Also, you can use hepatoprotection to recover your liver after an oral steroids cycle. Heptral — is a great drug for such a purpose. The only exclusion of oral steroids, which is not toxic for your liver — is Anavar for sale. This unique drug is metabolized in your kidneys, which prevents any liver toxicity. Anavar is a great steroid, as it is effective for both bulking and weight loss goals, and cause almost no side effects.

Red Blood Cells — Blood Thickening. Most anabolic androgenic steroids will increase your red blood cells production, which may cause health problems in some cases, if your blood becomes thick. There are steroids which are increasing red blood cells more than the others, for example — Equipoise for sale.

To control your blood density during a steroid cycle, you have to check your blood work regularly. Would be also good to include cardiomegaly in your cycle. And last, but not least — drink more water, it helps to keep good fluid balance in your body.

Muscle Cramps. In 90% of cases, it caused by the lack of salt in your ration. Salt contains sodium — an essential mineral for our system. Usually, athletes on steroids drink lots of water, forgetting about sodium levels. Excessive water flushes minerals from the body, causing muscle cramps.

Erectile Dysfunction. A severe side effect, mostly caused by lack of knowledge, very long cycles, enormous dosages, and general unreasonableness in the use of steroids. Some drugs have stronger effect on your hypothalamus-pituitary gland – testicles ark and you cannot recover without PCT. Steroids like Deca Durabolin and Trenbolone are extremely effective for bodybuilding, but also can lead to more severe consequences if are administrated wrong. Thus, we recommend you consult with a specialist before taking steroids.

Steroids suppress your testosterone natural production and need to be recovered on PCT. That’s why post cycle therapy is required after every cycle. Using steroids for longer than 12 weeks periods, without PCT can cause erectile dysfunction. To recover your natural testosterone levels, use Nolvadex or Clomid. To see doses and administration of PCT, you can scroll to the cycles section.

Gynecomastia. It is an unpleasant effect that is very hard to get rid of. Thus, many bodybuilders, who fear man boobs, choose to prevent these side effects better than to deal with it when gyno appears.

Men’s breasts are a result of high estradiol levels caused by conversion of your high testosterone levels into estradiol. This process is called aromatization when an aromatase enzyme binds your testosterone and converts it into e2.

To prevent this, you can use steroids with low estrogen activity: like Equipoise, Trenbolone, Anavar, etc. Or use Aromatase Inhibitors, like Arimidex for sale. AI blocks aromatase enzymes, prevents the conversion of testosterone. Therefore, your estradiol levels will stay at moderate levels.

Remember! You shouldn’t drop your e2 levels to zero, as estradiol remains to be a very important hormone in your body and affects water retention, bone density, libido, and many other crucial aspects. While on cycle, your estradiol should always be somewhere in the middle or at the top of the reference values.

Infertility. A condition a result of very long cycles, while your suppressed testicles didn’t have any stimulation. Many athletes who didn’t care much about their health may now struggle with infertility.

To prevent infertility, you should use HCG — Human chorionic gonadotropin. It stimulates your testicles to produce natural testosterone and spermatogenesis. Include HCG in every cycle — during the last two weeks of it. It’s important to use HCG on cycle, not during PCT, because its aim is to prepare your gonads for recovery. The doses may vary, depending on the roids you’ve been taking. It may start from 500 IU/ twice a week and more. You can always contact us to consult how much HCG you should use for your steroid cycle.


How to find top-quality anabolic steroids?

The best practice is to buy steroids online. With our store, you can participate in any sale online to get the best steroids for sale. But how to get the best quality?

1) Ask for a picture. You should always ask your supplier team if they sell original gear because it’s easy to verify. Ask them to take a picture of a product with your name on the piece of paper near the product. Most sellers with original products won’t have a problem doing that.

2) Manufacturer. Choose a brand that already has a name. Such brands often care about their reputation and will have a verification on their website. The chance you’ll receive a homemade brew is lower in this case.

3) Verify the product. Ask your seller for any product code to verify at the manufacturer’s official website. The chance that your seller will have original products, but sell fake products, is very little.

What is the best steroid for fat loss in the market?

Buying anabolic steroids for fat loss, you should always look if a steroid is ‘wet’ or ‘dry’. It means if a drug increases your estradiol levels or not. Dry steroids: Stanozolol, Winstrol, Boldenon (Equipoise), Anavar, Primobolan, Turinabol, Trenbolone, and any short ester of testosterone are better for cutting and to increase lean muscle mass. While wet steroids: Deca, Dianabol, long esters of testosterone, etc are better for dirty rapid bulking.

What are the best bodybuilding supplements?

There are lots of supplements for bodybuilding that would complement your cycle. Our top picks are Omega 3 fatty acids to control lipid balance and prevent hypertension; Vitamins A and E + Zink in any active form to avoid acne; Vitamin C before sleep to prevent muscle breakdown and inflammations; Vitamin D3 for numerous purposes; Cardiomagnyl to control blood thickening, Dostinex (Cabergoline) to control prolactin levels; Liver and kidney support for better recovery and enzymes for better digestion.

How to buy anabolic steroids with crypto?

There are 3 different ways you can buy steroids online with crypto at a-steroidshop.ws

1) Paybis — a service where you don’t have even to obtain any bitcoin. We’ve described this payment method in our Bitcoin guide section.

2) Direct transfer — you can transfer directly to our Bitcoin or USDT wallet.

BTC wallet: 3L1bhkSgtm4kLovEcRjuKEWNrYT2FQivCA

USDT wallet: 0x7B4Cf07b3b1f699E30F021D6386c5cA9618FeEdD

3) Checkout payment. When you’ve completed your order, in the checkout section, there is a payment method ‘Crypto (+10% discount)’. When you choose this payment method, a system will generate you a QR code for this payment. Scan this QR to receive detailed instructions.

Can I buy steroids with a credit card?

Sure. At the moment we apply SWIFT direct bank transfer and paybis payment service where you can pay with your credit card. If you have a custom payment request you can always ask us directly, maybe we just planned to add your payment method and you could’ve pay with comfortable way for you.


Which are the best steroid for sale?

At the moment our best sellers are: Anavar, Dianabol, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate and Deca.

Which steroids are better for beginners?

If you haven’t read our beginners guide, it’s better to do that now. If you are a beginner and have never tried anabolic steroid before, you should remember these three factors before buying steroids online: 1) begin with smaller doses; 2) Keep a healthy diet, as steroids won’t build muscles for you, they are just an instrument, not more; 3) Have a workout plan and stick to this plan. Only consistency and everyday routine will lead you to great progress.

The best steroids for sale, to begin with, are Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Stanozolol, Anavar, Turinabol, Primobolan, and Winstrol. These drugs are having the least possible side effects, giving great results and allowing you to check how your body reacts to steroids.

Which are the best steroids for women?

For female bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, a very important thing is to choose such steroids, which nature is mild and which don’t cause virilization (when a female develops male sex characteristics). Therefore, you have to look for DHT derivatives.

Anavar and Primobolan are the best steroids for women as they are soft, almost don’t have side effects, and are very effective. But also you can have a look at Equipoise and Stanozolol. From non-steroidal drugs, there are very popular for female bodybuilding and fitness: Clenbuterol — burning fat greatly, T3 — also reduces body fat. Human growth hormone for women is an extremely popular drug for both dieting and muscle building. Such popularity explains with almost no side effects, compared to the significant benefits it provides.

Is human growth hormone a steroid?

No. HGH is a non-steroidal drug, which is widely used in bodybuilding both professional and amateur. This drug has a significant effect on muscle mass building and promotes fat loss. looking for steroids for sale, you can always try HGH first or just include it in your cycle, as it complements every steroid, providing a great synergistic effect.

Top 5 bests steroids for muscle gain

The choice here depends on your final goal of a cycle. Do you want to gain lean muscle mass, keep your body shredded, or do you want to bulk and grow as fast as you can, gaining some body fat together with muscles reaching significant muscle volume?

Steroids for lean muscle mass: Anavar, Stanozolol, Winstrol, Turinabol, Equipoise, Masteron, Trenbolone, and Primobolan.

Greatly complement with Clenbuterol, HGH, and Testosterone for gaining fat-free muscle mass.

If you aim for dirty bulking, building larger muscles, together with some fat and water, the best steroids for muscle gain would be Deca Durabolin, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Dianabol, and Anadrol.

The final result depends on your diet in the first place. To bulk, you have to eat more calories, mostly carbs. For lean muscle gains, you have to eat more proteins and spend more energy. For retaining muscle mass on calorie deficiency, your muscles require lots of amino acids, so you add to your ration more meat, eggs and protein powders. Also, a good decision would be to drink fluid amino acids during your cardio sessions.

Oral steroids vs injectable steroids

There is a popular myth among young bodybuilders, inexperienced athletes, and steroid users, that pills are better to start with or that oral steroids are safer than injectables. This is not true. Every anabolic androgenic steroid has its side effects of different severity. Oral steroids for sale are a better option for those people who don’t want injections and needles. Side effects depend on the active substance, not the form of use.

Buying steroids, you have to focus on your goal. If you prefer pills, your range of choice would be lesser than for those, who don’t mind injections. There are not that many steroids in oral form exist, simply because they are not as bio-available as in injectable form.

We recommend you combine oral and injectable steroids for better results. For example, oral Dbol and injectable testosterone are complementing each other. It is an excellent combination of compounds for muscle gains.

Natural bodybuilding vs Steroid cycle

Unfortunately in strength sports, pharmacology has a very significant impact.

Recovery. If you are training completely natural, the difference between you and a steroid user is muscle recovery time in the first place. While you are able to workout 3-4 times a week, a person on steroids can perform training even a few times a day.

Focus on the muscle group. Natural bodybuilders cannot focus on muscle groups as well as those who use steroids. While on gear, you feel your muscles differently, more pump, and have better blood flow.

Fat loss. Also, weight loss is much harder for natty athletes, as it requires decent HGH release, which your system can produce only in small volumes. Pharma products are not only able to build your muscles, but also burn fat significantly. With the right steroids, you are able to burn more than 10 lbs of fat per month.

How to improve my muscle growth?

General rules. To build muscle, you should think of diet and workout routine first of all. Also, you have to remember that without good rest, you won’t grow really big. If you’ve mastered these 3 growth factors well, the next step is to choose the right steroids. Bodybuilding is almost impossible without the male hormone — testosterone. This is your base for any cycle. Other anabolics may vary.

Eat more calories. Eat big to get big. The simple rule is not that obvious to many people. Steroids can help you absorb more nutrients. But nobody eats for you, so this is on you. To build more muscles, focus on carbs in the first place, and only then on proteins. Carbs are our energy during workouts and are a key factor to build large muscles.

Strength training. Add more weights and try to keep progress in lifting. Add more plates from one workout session to another, as often as possible. Heavy weights are one of the key growth factors. Strength workout increases protein synthesis. For maximum results, you have to make more reps also. For bodybuilding, keep your reps in the range of 12 – 15. And for leg workouts, not less than 15 reps for even more stimulation.

What is the recommended duration of a steroid cycle?

It depends on the active substance and form of use. For oral steroids, the best length range of a cycle may vary from 6 to 10 weeks. Steroid injections you can take for a longer time — 12 – 15 weeks.

Do steroids help with fat loss?

Sure thing! The best gear for fat loss is Anavar, Stanozolol, Winstrol, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Trenbolone, and HGH.

Which are the best steroids for strength building?

The best drugs to build stronger muscles: Dianabol, Anadrol, Testosterone, Deca, and Trenbolone. Other steroids don’t provide such a significant impact on muscle strength.